Hi All, 
Sairam. Here is another Bhajan song. This time I have sung with with my father Shri. T.V. Ganesan.
I have used a new app called Taalmala.
Please checkout and let me know your feedback.
Anatha Bandho Sai Prabho 
Aparadha Kshama Karo Sai Prabho 
Jeeva Yatra Mey Saath Raho Tum 
Prem Bhakthi Hum Ko Deejo 
Hrudaya Mandir Se Math Jao 
Charanamrutha Seva Deejo Prabhu [Anatha...]
Meaning : 
Oh Lord Sai! You are the Lord of the deprived people. Kindly forgive our misdeeds and be with us in our journey of life.
Bless us with Divine Love and devotion and be constantly in our thoughts and our hearts, grant us the opportunity to serve your Lotus feet.

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