Hi All, Here is another bhajan.
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Terey Siwa Prabhu Koi Nahin Hai Tuj Ko Mera Pranam
Tuj Ko Mera Pranam O Sai Baba Tuj Ko Mera Pranam
Murali Manohara Asha Na Todo
Dukh Bhanjana Mera Saath Na Chodo
Dwar Khada Hoon Main Dukhiyara
Sun Ley Meri Pukar O Sai Baba Sun Ley Meri Pukar
Meaning : 
O Lord I have none other than You, please accept my salutations. O beautiful Lord Krishna do not disappoint me, Oh destroyer of sorrows, do not leave me. I am standing at Your door with sorrowful mind. Please listen to my cries, O Lord Sai Baba.

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