Hi All, 
Sairam. Here is another Bhajan song. This time I have sung with with my father Shri. T.V. Ganesan.
I have used a new app called Taalmala.
Please checkout and let me know your feedback.
Lambodhara Gananatha Gajanana
Parvathi Nandana Shubhanana
Pashupathi Tanaya Siddhi Vinayaka
Pranavakaara Shambho Nandana
Parthi Pureesha Paahi Gajanana
Hey Shiva Nandana Shubhanana [Lambodhara...]
Meaning : 
Protect me Lord Ganesha, the Lord of Ganaas, who has an elephant head and is the big bellied son of Mother Parvathi and Lord Shiva. You are the one who embodies the sacred Om and who is verily Sai, the Lord of Parthi.

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