Hi All, 
Wish you a Happy New Year 2021. 
Restarted singing after a long gap and am happy to start the New Year with new bhajan. 
Please checkout and let me know your feedback.
Bhaktha Vatsala Tero Naam O Sai
Dukha Bhanjana Tero Naam O Sai
Tum Sangh Baandhi Prem Ki Dori
Sumiran Karoon Tero Naam O Sai
Patithodharana Bhaktha Parayana
Partheeshwara Sai Ram
Meaning : 

Oh Sai the Lord of Parthi we chant your name which is loved by your devotees, destroys their miseries. You bind everything in universe by chord of love. We chant your name mentally all the time and you are up lifter of downtrodden and praised (through bhajans) by your devotees.

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